The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur now at international level

And this time the world will listen Bhikhari Thakur through the voice of Kalpana Patowary

Though Kalpana Patowary belongs to Assam, she very speedily gained the status of most popular Bhojpuri singer. To pay back the debt of this Bhojpuri love and popularity Kalpana has done what no one had even thought about. She has presented ‘The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur’ at international level. Her latest Bhojpuri album ‘The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur’ has been released by the world famous music company Virgin Recordes/EMI Music. And by June 2012 this costliest Bhojpuri album will be available in all the music retail outlets, malls, and Planet M stores. Though the cost of the album is Rs.195/- its value is tremendous and it is in reality a bargain offer for Bhojpuri lovers. It is hoped that with this album the Bhojpuri music will reach the rich society also who rarely listens to the ‘popular’ Bhojpuri music.

The album contains nine songs and these include Bhikahri Parichay, Dagaria Johat Na, Babu Ji, Ramlila Gaan, Piyari Sundari, Kalyug Prem, Lagania, Raas Lila, and Bidhata. With these carefully selected Bhikhari songs the listner shall become acquainted with the life and works of Bhikhari Thakur who was called “the Shakespere of Bhojpuri” by none else but the well known multilinguist scholar Pt. Rahul Sanskrityayan.
Fortunately, I have had the pleasure of listening these songs even before its release and in my humble opinion Kalpana Patowary has done full justice to Bhikhari Thakur. Though at a few places her Bhojpuri pronunciation shows some hiatus but that should be overlooked considering Bhojpuri is not the language of Kalpana. She came from Assam and in a very short span became the Bhojpuri Kokila. Her idol is Bhupen Hazarika and as a tribute to the Bhojpuri music and culture Kalpana decided to research for some one in Bhojpuri who was akin to what Bhupen was to Assamese. She found Bhikhari Thakur and after a very prolonged research she has presented this album.

I salute Kalpana Patowary for the service she has given to Bhojpuri and wish her latest Bhojpuri album reaches all Bhojpuri households.

Well done Kalpana !

Omprakash Singh
Anjoria group of websites.