Anjoria strikes back

Though it is not in the race for number 1 amongst Bhojpuri websites, the first Bhojpuri website has regained its no.1 position amongst Bhojpuri websites in India. Recently it was repeatedly suspended by its webhost for one reason or the other. When all efforts to make them reasonable failed has now moved to another host.

It was a hectic fortnight for its publisher to relocate the eight year old site at its new place. Now everything is working fine. In the process a new chapter has been opened to save time. Earlier Anjoria used to publish film related news in Bhojpuri and English on its group sites. Now that practice has been dropped and all the articles are published in Hindi only. This has resulted in sufficient time saving and Anjoria is now giving more and more time to other serious matters and articles.

Motto of is Bhojpuri unlimited and it is now trying its best to prove this right. It has a list of well known writers and journalists on its author list which no other Bhojpuri website can claim. Anjoria has most varied contents and covers many aspects. It has the one and only online newspaper in its family. provides news from all around the world in Bhojpuri and perhaps this is an only website which subscribes to a news agency to receive all the news.

To get a taste of Bhojpuri one must visit and its family websites. Nothing important happens in Bhojpuri world if it is not covered by Anjoria.

As per the Alexa ranking on 30th November 2011 Anjoria is at the top in India Ranks, second in 1 month world ranks, and 4th in 3 months world ranks.

site 3 month ranks i month rank India Ranks
no.1 site 107.917 125,670 23,932
no. 2 site 129,339 153,477 27,666
no. 3 site 177,116 160,505 15,531
Anjoria 186,280 138,892 13,520