A Newspaper that cares for your time

There are no newspaper in Bhojpuri yet. There are many reasons for that and the most important is the cost involved in launching a proper newspaper in print. Next is the viability. At present starting a Bhojpuri newspaper does not look promising and financially rewarding, Next but not the least is the spread of Bhojpurias all over the world.

As the promoter of first website in Bhojpuri, Anjoria.com, and publishers of the highest number of ‘visible’ websites in Bhojpuri or related with it, I started looking out of the box and decided to start an online Bhojpuri newspaper. Again the task looked daunting as it involves hours of work going through all the news, select some suitable and important ones, then translate the news in Bhojpuri before publishing it. Even after many requests and appeals no one suitable came forward as the criteria is very tough. The person should be financially stable, internet savvy, fluent in English, Hindi, and Bhojpuri, knows to type in unicode, and having a ‘news sense’. To top it the person should not expect any remuneration ! Because Bhojpuri publishing is not to make a profit but is a passion to promote ones language and culture. Naturally, no one came forward.

Next was looking for a news agency. There are no news agency in Bhojpuri as there is no user for that service. So I started looking for Hindi news agency. There are many news agencies providing news in Hindi but no one came forward even to reply my emails asking for their subscription rates. However, as it is said that when you are facing in the right direction sooner or later you are going to reach your destination. So I got hold of a news agency which provides news in Hindi and is considerate enough to offer a feasible subscription rate.

Now as an online news paper is in place, a news agency subscription in hand, I had to decide about the format. As the newsreaders are going to visit Tatka Khabar on internet they cannot afford to read through all the news spread over several pages. Therefore, I decided to opt for the “Bullet News” or “Speed News” seen on television. That format provides almost all the news in very limited time. So now you can read all the news from all over the world in Bhojpuri without going on and on clicking. Just a click to open the site and the next to read all the news. Even the site has a new motto, कवनो खबर छूटे ना.

So what about visiting the TatkaKhabar just now ?