Dharmendra on the hot seat of Ke Bani Karodpati

This Friday the celebrity guest on the hot seat of Ke Bani Karodpati is going to be Dharmendra. In the episode Dharmendra thanks Mahuaa TV for inviting him as guest in this popular show. He will also say that the winning amount from the show will be given to charity.

Starting the conversations Shatrughna Sinha will say that when he went to FTII, Pune he met Dharmendra there for the first time. He asked two questions but did not dare to ask any more. Dharmendra will inform the viewers that he and Shatru are pals same as he and Amitabh were in film Sholay. About himself coming to films Dharmendra says that when he saw Dilip Kumar’s movies Shahid he decided that very day that he too is going to films. His mother said that his father will throw her and him togather out of the house when he comes to know about it, but anyway asked him to send an application. Then Dharmendra explained to his mother that it is not the application that works in films, it is the audition test.

However, God was listening to his mother’s advice and a form came in the movie magazine Filmfare for Talent Hunt and he filled up the form after prayer with Gayatri mantra. Destiny was in his favour and Dharmendra was selected. Later he came to know that his selection was done by Sunil Dutt and Nargis.

Dharmendra misses Bimal Da as he loved him too. Dharmendra will also talk about the chemistry between himself and Hema Malini.

This episode will be telecast on Friday, 5th August and Monday from 9 PM onwards.

(Source : Prashant-Nishant)