Pakhi and Nirahua on KBC this Friday

The weekly special episode of Ke Bani Karodpati shown on the Bhojpuri entertainment channel Mahuaa this Friday, 15th July will have Super stars of Bhojouri cinema Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua and Pakhi Hegde on the hot seats opposite Shatrughna Sinha the host of the show.

The episode will start with a welcome to the month of Savan and Shatrughna Sinha will invite Nirahua on the stage. Nirahua will enter the stage singing “Puri duniya me kaile dhamal Bhojpuriya”. Later both of them will invite Pakhi Hegde to join them in the show. Nirahua and Pakhi will announce that any money they might win in the show will be donated to a charity organisation “Rashtriya Sahitya Kala Sansthan”, which works among the poor children.

Nirahua and Pakhi both shall share some memorable moments of their lives. Nirahua will tell that he is both an actor and a singer from the very begining, because the form of singing he is expert in is Biraha and it requires acting talents too. He will also sing two lines of a Biraha “Mara Ho Jaan Markahwa Kajarava”. Dinesh will inform that he was born in Kolkata. He and his brother Pravesh Lal will sing a Kanwariya song and Pravesh will gift a kit of “Aulaad” a film produced by their home production company Nirahua Entertainment. Nirahua will call Rajpal Yadav in the show and Bidesia will come into discussion. Nirahua will then sing a song from Bidesia, a production of Nirahua Media. He will also explain how he came to be known as Nirahua and will also sing the popular song “Nirahua Satal Rahe”.

This special episode will be shown on Friday 14th July from 9 PM onwards on Mahuaa TV.

(Source : Prashant-Nishant)