Please do not embarrass us

Time and again we have made it clear that Anjoria family of websites have nothing to do with any TV Channel of Film production house. We are just a media which publicizes the entertainment industry.

To be fair our contact with Mahuaa TV is limited to the PRO of Mahuaa TV. We have no say to them. So please do not ask us to help you with an opportunity with Mahuaa or any any film unit. For that purpose you have to do all the struggles yourselves.

Those aspiring to get a film job or TV job should preferably do a formal course. Then provide their profile and samples of work to the relevant organizations. Anjoria will do all it can to promote your career by publicizing your profile and sample of work. But cannot contact Mahuaa or any other producer.

Wishing you all the best,
OP Singh,
Editor-Publisher of Anjoria family of websites.