Despite all odds Akash is the winner

The final episode of Nahle Pe Dehla, a singing reality show telecast on the popular Bhojpuri TV channel Mahuaa made Akash the clear winner. Otherwise no one had ever win convincingly its musical reality shows. First season of Sur-Sangram had a tie, for some unknown reasons, between Alok Kumar of Bihar and Mohan Rathod of UP. The final of second season of Sur Sangram was ended in pandemonium and no result was declared. It has been months and no news regarding the final has come out or Mahuaa, either officially or unofficialy.

However, the “grand” finale of Nehle Pe Dehla was telecast on the evening of 1st May and Akash from Buxar was declared the winner. Second position was awarded to Kritika, aka Lado, from Allahabad. Though she was the front runner from the beginning. One of the judges. Kalpana, had even said that if Lado fails to win this show it will be an insult to music !

I am not a musician and have no knowledge of musical intricacies but as a Bhojpuri lover and layman I can say that Aryanandini was my clear favorit. Hope Aryanandini gets enough opportunities to win the show of real life, mys best wishes are with her.

The most surprising aspect of the show was the absence of Manoj Tiwari, Pawan Singh and Kalpana. These three were associated with the show from the very beginning and their absence from the final was really worrying. I tried to contact Manoj Tiwari and Kalpana but both refused to receive the call, for reasons better known to them.

In the finals the famoous music director Dhananjay Mishra awarded the Best Voice of Nehle Pe Dehla award to Aryanandini and that was a big consolation to me. I was not off the mark !

I, on behalf of Anjoria family, take this opportunity to assert once again that Anjoria has no relation with Mahuaa TV or the Bhojpuri film industry. It is just the love of Bhojpuri that Anjoria promotes news about Mahuaa and Bhojpuri films. Majority of the articles are written by the PROs and very rarely I express my own opinion. So if someone wants to take part in any show on Mahuaa or in any film in any way please contact the concerned person directly. Anjoria is unable to help you in any way. Majority of the STARS, and mahuaa TV, are not aware of its existence even.


  1. wah aakash yar tune to kamal kar diya & lado don`t worry tune to dil jeet liya bete.

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