Bhojpuri Academy chairperson accuses a website owner of extortion

Chairperson of Bihar Bhojpuri Academy, a quasi government organization, has accused a website owner of extortion. In the court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate of Buxar Dr. Ravikant Dubey has lodged a case that the owner had asked him to pay Rs. Five Lakhs after Dr.Dubey was appointed the chairperson of the Bhojpuri Academy, otherwise his image will be tarnished. At that time he did not take it seriously and ignored the matter. But for the last few days, Dr.Dubey accuses, there are concerted efforts to malign him by accusing him of creating false Facebook profiles in name of girls. Dr.Dubey complains that wrong and baseless accusations are leveled against him by the website owner and his readers.

On the other hand the said website owner has denied any such activity on his part. He has said in an article on the website that neither he nor his colleagues have ever contacted Dr.Dubey by phone or email. It is he who has ever demanding publication of his news and he has even asked Bhojpuri scholars to plead for publication of his news on the said website.He is contemplating taking legal actions against Dr.Dubey.