Give Bhojpuri a non-scheduled language status to startwith

It is a favorite past-time of Bhojpuri activists to demand for its inclusion in the 8th schedule of Indian constitution without pondering over the ground situation that Bhojpuri is not even recognised as a non-scheduled language of India !

So, we should first demand for recognising Bhojpuri as a non-scheduled language of India before demanding its inclusion in the 8th schedule. As per the 2001 Census of India Bhojpuri speakers are 3,30,99,497. This makes it the 8th language of India in terms of number of speakers way above many other languages included in the 8th schedule. For example Nepali language is included but Bhojpuri is kept out of the schedule.

This has been done with purpose or design by Hindi lovers. Many languages of India are deliberately included as the sub-languages of Hindi and this list includes Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Hariyanvi, Magahi etc. Even if these and other languages are kept out of Hindi, the position of Hindi remains unchanged. So even when these languages are recognised as other languages position of Hindi remains unchanged. At present the Hinid speakers numbering about 42 crores includes nearly 17 crore speakes of these other languages.

Let us first concentrate on demanding a non-scheduled status for Bhojpuri. The government should explain the reason for not giving due recognition to Bhojpuri and these other “slave” languages of Hindi. There are scores of other languages recognised as non-scheduled language per se so there is no harm or rationale behind denying Bhojpuri its due.

We, the members of Anjoria family, demand recognition of Bhojpuri as a non-scheduled language of India. Demand for inclusion in 8th schedule shall follow later.