Anjoria moves on a semi-dedicated server

With sudden rise in popularity and increased number of visiors, page views, stay, and uses the popular Bhojpuri website has been moved to a semi dedicated webserver. Though Anjoria happens to be the first website it lacked in popularity for a long long time due to its special name and number of visitors to Anjoria were lesser in number as compared to another Bhojpuri website which has long been on a semi dedicated server. Anjoria is thus a late comer on this platform. has consolidated its presence on the internet by collecting all its Bhojpuri visitors by bringing its specilaised websites under a single domain name as subdomains. For example the online Bhojpuri newspaper is now as a subdomain of Anjoria. same is the case with its another very popular website

In addition Anjoria is now providing a FREE blogging space to Bhojpuri lovers as Though it is not gaining the acceptance it deserves, perhaps because Bhojpuri bloggers are wary of admin interference. It is hoped that gradually bloggers will start joing the facility.