Bhojpuri blogging on

Anjoria, the first and popular Bhojpuri website, is now offering Bhojpuri bloggers to blog without any hindrance from the admin. Many persons have vent their feelings on several networking sites when their point of view is either neglected or deleted. As a responsible Bhoupuri website Anjoria has extended its facilities to such bloggers within a self imposed code of conduct. You can now express your opinion on any subject related with Bhojpuri language, culture, people, film, drama, music etc as long as it is within civil limits. You can praise any one, give links to your own website/blog, but you can’t criticise any person or website or network related to Bhojpuri. This facility is not for washing your dirt publicly. But then you can express your views openly without naming anyone or pointing fingers to anyone.

So you can now go to and start blogging in three steps :

1. You register yourself on Anjor Duniya.
2. You ask for writer permission from the co-ordinator.
3. Start your blog.