Bhojpuri’s Master Voice Baleshwar is no more

Famous Bhojpuri Singer Baleshwar took Bhojpuri singing to its peak in those days when Bhojpuri was not a salable item. Starting as a village singer Baleshwar had to leave his village because of his habit or composing lyrics on village events and singing them. Born in Badanpur village of Mau, Baleshwar moved to Chchaipar. He was then asked by Vishnu Dev Gupta of Socialist party for his election campaign. Later Communist party candidate Jharkhande Rai took him to Ghosi for his election campaign. When Jharkhande Rai won the elections he brought Baleshwar to Lucknow. Lucknow is an Awadhi language area and no one there was then willing to listen Baleshwar. After a long period of struggle and failures he was later selected as a singer on Akashvani. This was a turning point and many people came forward to support him. HMV released two audio records of Baleshwar in 1979 and these records received sensational success. Baleshwar then became the Bhojpuri’s Master Voice and started stage shows in far off places where no Bhojpuri singer had gone before. He travelled to far off countries as well and took Bhojpuri singer to the height it deserves.

Anjoria has presented a biographical essay on Baleshwar written by his friend Dayanad Pandey. One should read it to know Baleshwar in a better way.

Born on 1 Jan. 1942 Baleshwar was suffering from diabetes which proved to be his nemesis on 9th Jan 2011 at a Lucknow Hospital. He left behind his wife, three sons, and daughter-in-laws.