Grand finale for Nehle Pe Dehla

The singing reality show “Nehle Pe Dehla” telecast on Mahuaa TV is going to have its grand finale on 1st May from 7 PM onwards. The two contestants who have reached this stage are Kritika (Lado) from Allahabad and Akash from Buxar. Thus this time too the final contest is between UP and Bihar as were in previous Sur-Sangrams. The 2nd edition of Sur-Sangram is still awaiting its final. Last year when the final was underway at Patna Gandhi Maidan pandemonium occured and the show was cancelled. Nothing has been heared about that final after that.

Learning from the previous fiasco Mahuaa TV, it seems, has decided to held the grand finale of Nehle Pe Dehla at its own studio away from uncotrollable crowd. Another point is that Manoj Tiwari, Pawan Singh, and Kalpana are nowhere to be seen in the final show. And it stinks ! It is said that this is due to dates problem but that appears to be lame excuse.

Anyhow the final contest is going to be entertaining and the viewers are going to be entairtained fully. Once during the show Kalpana had remarked about Kritika (Lado) to be the winner of this show. As it seems her prophecy is going to be true. But the final outcome depends on the performance of the contestants on the ultimate day.

This grand finale of Nehle Pe Dehla is going to be telecast on 1st May from 7 PM onwards. Dont miss to see it, if you love and enjoy Bhojpuri.


  1. Askash is the best singer in world. pls.provide me his contact no and adress.I want to meet him.

    Tell my Aashis to Aakash

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